You don't have to run track or swing a bat to get a sports injury. Sports-type injuries can occur during everyday activities. Our goal is to help all active individuals return to full function as quickly as possible with an emphasis on non-surgical treatments and rehab.


Whether it's a concussion or asthma, your primary care sports medicine physician will know how to help you overcome it. Even if you are a healthy athlete, our doctors can help you enhance your overall wellness with a full range of alternative and non-surgical therapies.


Sports performance training is a cornerstone of our practice. With advanced fellowship training and years of clinical experience our team has the expertise - and cutting edge technologies - to care for athletes of all ages, sports, and levels of competition.

Helping athletes at all levels perform to the best of their abilities - from life to sport

No matter what your age or level of activity, you rely on healthy joints, muscles, and ligaments to stay moving. From young children to active retirees, our patients are looking to maintain active lifestyles. They come to our fellowship trained primary care sports medicine specialists to obtain the highest level of non-invasive care for a full-range of musculoskeletal ailments, including sprains, strains, sports concussions, and arthritis, and conditions unique to active women. Whether you have an acute, chronic, or overuse injury, our specialized team has the knowledge to evaluate and treat your pain non-surgically, so you can get off the couch and get back to the things you love as quickly as possible.

Student Athlete

Learn about our full spectrum of programs from pre-participation physicals to comprehensive concussion evaluation and management.

Health Conscious

Stay active and prevent injury or nagging pains with the latest medical techniques and procedures, like injection therapies for arthritis.

Injured Individual

Sometimes surgery for musculoskeletal conditions can be avoided with non-invasive treatments and sport-specific rehab to expedite your comeback.

Elite Competitor

Strengthen your performance with our expert knowledge of athletic training, injury prevention strategies, and nutritional performance evaluations.

Meet our talented team of primary care sports specialists

Jocelyn Ricasa, MD
Subluxation vs. Dislocation
  • Completed a fellowship in primary care sports medicine at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Board certified in family medicine, internal medicine & sports medicine.
  • Has presented at the national level at conferences of the AMSSM, Society for Teachers of Family Medicine and American College of Sports Medicine.
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Jason McHugh, DO, CAQSM
Subluxation vs. Dislocation
  • Completed a fellowship in primary care sports medicine at Michigan State University/Sparrow Hospital in East Lansing.
  • Board certified in family medicine & osteopathic manipulation with a Certificate of Added Qualification in primary care sports medicine from the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians.
  • Member of the American Osteopathic Association of Sports Medicine & the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.
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Subluxation vs. Dislocation

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