Prolotherapy, or proliferation therapy, is an injection therapy that stimulates the growth of new cells to help accelerate healing in painful areas. Using a mixture of a local anesthetic and Dextrose, which stimulates mild inflammation in the area, these injections spur the body’s immune response to help tackle chronic pain.

Ligaments and tendons are the most common sites for injection, since they protect the joint by limiting its range of movement.

Our ligaments experiencing a slackening, or laxity, over time due to stress from our daily activities. For instance, ankle laxity is common with recurrent ankle sprains. Pregnancy is the most common cause of sacroiliac ligament laxity. Ligaments can also be injured by trauma, such as car accident or falling. Tendons are typically injured from overuse, such as running and jumping.

In order to get relief from prolotherapy, most men require three to six treatments and women usually require six to nine treatments. Treatments can be done weekly to monthly. Patients can expect to see improvement from the injections one to two months after the last injection.

Your doctor determines if you are a candidate for treatment by prolotherapy. As a general rule, patients with a history of injury consistent with ligament sprain that responds well to stabilization with bracing or taping tend to respond well to prolotherapy.

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