Physical therapy isn’t just for NFL athletes and the elderly; it’s for anyone trying to overcome an injury and get back in motion. Go to any physical therapy clinic and you’ll a wide variety individuals working to get back to the activity they love.

Coping with sports and sports-type injuries often requires physical rehab. Physical therapy helps injured individuals manage pain, heal more quickly, rebuild strength and movement after an injury and, most importantly, prevent small conditions from resulting in permanent damage. Whether you’re recovering from a concussion or trying to stay active with rheumatoid arthritis, our physical therapy team knows what it takes to get you back into action without placing undue stress on other body areas.

Our belief in the power of physical therapy is simple: your body is capable of healing itself through proper motion. Sometimes, sitting at home doing nothing until your injury heals just results in an injured area that’s stiff and weak and a loss of physical fitness. Instead, our sports medicine specialists prescribe physical therapy to get you back to the activities you love – more quickly and with less pain.

In addition to treating injuries to muscles, joints, and bones, physical therapists can help active individuals prevent some sports injuries with proper warm-up and stretching techniques.

We partner with Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy for all our physical therapy and rehab needs. With their state-of-the-art technology and knowledge of the latest treatment methods, Bon Secours In Motion’s physical therapists possess a wealth of sports experience and an impressive scientific and biomechanical background. These therapists work to develop an individualized plan for each patient, designed to train all the flexibility, strength, symmetry, balance, and movement skills needed to return you to your desired level of activity.

Meet our partners in care: Bon Secours In Motion Physical Therapy!