Tip of the Week: Healthy Skin

Cracks in the skin, blisters, and athlete’s foot are common athlete issues. Take care of your feet by using moisturizer at night before bed then sprinkling them with baby powder in the morning before you put on your socks and shoes for the …

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Tip of the Week: Medications

Clean out the medicine cabinet.  Check the dates on your prescriptions and OTC medications.  Medications should be stored in a cool, dry, dark area, such as a kitchen cabinet or linen closet.  If medications are exposed to heat, light, and humidity (such as …

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Tip of the Week: Injury Prevention for Runners

Plan at least 1 day off per week from a particular sport to allow the body to recover. If you are a beginner distance runner, increase your miles gradually in order to prevent injuries. When you strengthen the hips—the abductors, adductors, and gluteus maximus—you increase …

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Tip of the Week: Staying Hydrated

To help get the right amount of water, try this! 2 glasses when you wake up, 1 glass before lunch, 1 glass before dinner, and 1 glass about an hour before bed. To check your hydration status look at the color of your urine. …

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Tip of the Week: Adding Foam Rolling to Your Training

Current research and clinical experience suggest adding foam rolling to your pre-workout warm-up. Foam rolling acts as a self-massage to the target muscles, helping to increase flexibility without hindering performance. Combine foam rolling with both static and dynamic stretching for optimal effect.

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